How long is the flight reservation valid?

A flight reservation in this case is just a temporary hold on a flight and not an actual ticket that customers can use for travel. Most embassies recommend that you only reserve flights and not buy air tickets for visa processing.

The validity of flight reservations are at the discretion of airlines and can only be allowed for a limited time. The period of validity can vary depending on airline policy, proximity to departure, and flight capacity among other factors. Reservations are more likely to expire sooner close to departure or on fuller flights.

Typically our flight reservations are valid anywhere from 48 hours to 14 days. But sometimes airlines may choose to release a reservation at any time without giving prior notice to the customer or travel agency. That’s why, we cannot promise our customers an exact date. The best we can offer is to create a new reservation with a new PNR code for FREE if the previous one has expired. We recommend getting a reservation made close to submission, not more than 1 day in advance. Remember, there is no set expiration date for a flight reservation, and no person or business providing such services should guarantee one.

We are providing 100% legit and verifiable flight reservations to our customers. All our flight reservations come with an unique airline reservation code (also know as PNR) that you can use to verify or look up on airline’s websites.

TIPS: Usually embassies or consulates don’t go with the verification process because they know the limited validity time period of the reservation better than you and us. The actual purposes of submitting flight reservations are they want to know the traveler intent, route schedule, departure and returning timings if round-trip and traveler name printed over the documents. These are the only essentials things they want from you.


IMPORTANT: It’s fairly common for a reservation to expire during visa processing, but the embassy will not refuse your visa application because of it, that’s for sure. They might request you to re-submit the reservation but again that’s very very rare. If such issue arises we can create a new reservation for FREE immediately.